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  • Tevareth

    Tevareth was the greatest nation of mortal races to ever arise on Capra Aisna at one point covering the bulk of [[Aisna-mun]].

  • Aisna-mun

    p. *Aisna-mun* is the eastern of Capra Aisna's known continents. It was home to the [[Tevareth|Tevarin]] before their fall. Thousands of years of dark ages followed the [[Pantheon War]] but a couple hundred years ago civilization reasserted itself and new …

  • Threzna

    p. Threzna is the eastern of Capra Aisna's two known continents. It was just being to be colonized by [[Tevareth|Tevarin]] explorers before the [[Pantheon War]]. During the ensuing dark age, all contact was lost with [[Aisna-mun]] until a couple of …

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