Church of the Silent Goddess

The Church of the Silent Goddess is composed of followers of the old gold Evandren, who is often thought to have been killed during the Pantheon War.


Although, nominally dedicated the the worship of Evandren, many of the church’s members are not truly her followers, instead belonging to the church because of its codes, or because they wish to partake in its duties.


As Evandren was the Goddess of the dying, the church is the main player in Aisna-mun when I comes funereal duties and the administrative tasks of death. People often go to the church for a mortician or to handle the execution of wills.

A second major undertaking of the church is the provision of medical care. Some of the best healers in the land train at the church of the silent goddess and together with the church of the God of life they provide many free clinics in the major cities.

Church of the Silent Goddess

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