Cosmology of Capra Aisna

The Progenitor Gods

There are a number of different stories regarding the Progenitor Gods, but the they contain many elements in common. The legends say when the world was formed, the Progenitor Gods were awakened or strode forth into it. There they shaped the the primordial world and gave form to many things. They gave of themselves to form Capra Aisna, lending their power to the mortal races as they emerged, occasionally walking among them and teaching them.

Then, long ago, the gods ceased to speak with the mortals. Some say they departed the world of Capra Aisna to go shape others, some say that they still watch over it but from afar. There are still many who worship the religion of the Progenitor Gods and ascribe them the source of divine powers. In their departure, however, all agree that hey left their powers to the mortals. And so, it first became possible for mortals to attain godhood. Hence came the old gods.

The Old Gods

The Old Gods where mortals who had risen to a form of godhood prior to and during the time of the Tevarin. The did not control their domains like the Progenitor gods, but were instead paragons and exemplars of them, gifted in their divine provinces beyond all others. Many were slain during the fall of Tevareth.

The young gods

With the divine magic of many domains left free after the death the old gods, there are opportunities for new mortals to rise to divinity, taking the place of those who have fallen.

Cosmology of Capra Aisna

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