Capra Aisna

Stand proudly. You are all of the Tevarin, the greatest we have ever been. You will be remembered.

The gods are dead. The old gods at least. They have been for thousands of years, since the fall of Tevareth. Long ago, the mortal races of Capra Aisna banded together around the land of Tevareth to form the greatest people the world has ever known, the Tevarin. Under the banner of the Tevarin the mortal races attained new heights, creating a grand civilization and mastering the magical arts to a degree not seen before or since. Tevareth seemed a nation that would last for ages, until their gods turned against them.

No one knows what drove the old gods to abandon Tevareth. The result, however, the war, still leaves its mark on the land. The fall of Tevarin lasted many years, seemingly as inevitable as Tevareth’s immortality once had been, but the outcome was not exactly as expected. Indeed, the Tevarin people were beaten and scattered, but not before the several of the old gods themselves were slain. The end finally came as the old god of war stormed the capital city, Tevareth, laying it to waste with her final breath. Her body remains there, 100 ft form of stone. The end of the Tevarin threw the world into a dark age that only started to end a couple hundred years gone.

Technologies are being rediscovered, magic is being relearned, nations are rising again. And while the gods may be dead, the divine domains and the godhood they held cannot die: new gods are being born.

Partake in intrigue in the nation-states of Aisna-mun, seek adventures in the wilds and frontiers of Threzna, seek the gods, or become one yourself.

Contribute to the world…

Capra Aisna

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