Thalran and the darkness

In the time of old Tevareth, Aisna-mun was united, a steadfast federation of peoples which had driven the darkness to the remote regions of the continent. But Threzna was very much untamed wilderness. In those days, the touch of Tevareth was light and fresh on that land and the dreadful creatures that would later retreat beyond the mountains still openly walked the forests of the coasts. There amongst the scattered colonies was the settlement of Kapero, whose name meant nascent hope.

Kapero was not a large town, nor was it of particular importance. Nonetheless, for whatever purpose that remains even now unknown, the eye of evil was turned upon them. One day, in mid spring, the farmers were stunned to find that the sun did not rise. There were no clouds upon the sky, but yet it remained dark. The people waited, and yet the sun did not come. The day ended and the moon appeared. The next day saw the same. Messengers were sent for help, but they never returned. The villagers could only assume that they were lost among the darkness.

Day after day the sun was absent from the sky and the people began to fear that they would soon starve. And so they would have, had it not been for Thalran, that paragon of Ilatas, the one they call the Suncaller and the slayer of Lar dan’Thas. The first day of night, Ilatas had come to him as he sat before his temple and told the paladin of the town without light. Forthwith, Thalran set sail for Threzna, and came upon the people of Kapero just as they were in the depths of their despair. But Thalran’s arrival raised their spirits, for he carried upon him the light of Ilatas, which the darkness could not lessen.

Into the town green came Thalran. He raised his shining blade above his head and there he stood, day and night, for 5 days, drawing upon the power of his god. Then, at last he began to move. Slowly, he traced out symbols of power across the air in glowing light. With great determination he mouthed the celestial words which strain mens’ mouths to utter. And then he spoke, in a voice of thunder and glory, calling forth the darkness to face him.

The night began to move, snuffing out the candles of the town and blocking out the moon. It swept down upon Thalran, anxious to extinguish the light that burned in his heart, but each strike was rebuffed. With each failed attack the darkness grew more frantic, yet Thalran’s voice never wavered as he continued his chant. Into the early morning the two struggled in contest and still no blow penetrated Thalran’s guard. Finally, the attacks slowed. At the same time, Thalran’s chant grew in intensity, a rolling crescendo, “Ilatas has revealed you!” Then Thalran struck. His blade shot forth into the darkness, striking its heart, and the darkness bled. A terrible scream rolled through Kapero and out into the surrounding forest and fields. And then the sun rose.

Thalran and the darkness

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