Del's homecoming

In her 10th year of adventuring, the heroine Del heard word that her father had grown ill. In those past ten years since she and Lanad had fled into the night, Del had not returned home. However, now, his health failing, Del hoped that her father might have softened, and consequently she made up her mind to visit the home of her youth.

By this time Lanad and Del were already known across Tevareth for their undertakings: Lanad the unyielding and Del the unwavering. That being the case, their arrival was quite an event and many of the people of the city came out to see the heroes’ homecoming. In the town center the adventurers met Del’s father, the governor, looking sickly and helped along by an aid. Stepping forward he embraced his long absent daughter as the crowd looked on at the touching scene. His intentions, were however, more sinister than was apparent.

“Cheon,” said Del grudgingly.

“Del, my daughter,” said the governor, “I’m so glad you’ve returned. Come let me show you to your home.”
After their first reunion, Del and Lanad were invited back to the governor’s manner and shown their rooms. While Lanad settled in Del was invited to a walk about the grounds by her father, that they might discuss what had transpired in the years of her traveling. What would not be said during this discussion was how his political capital had eroded, or he found himself in danger of losing his position to the unrest of the populace. Instead, he told her how much he had missed her and regretted his former anger. All the while, his aide, a warlock who would later be of some renown for his antagonism toward the Tevarin justiciars, Lervor, the snake, wove his subtle suggestions and compulsions upon her mind, slowly bending her will toward the true purpose of her father’s gambit. What better infusion of popularity than the return of a hero to your house. Better even if her return should allow a marriage of alliance to one of your strongest foes. And, so the governor lied to his daughter with a smile, one that would have quickly faded had he truly understood the strength of Del’s will.

Meanwhile, this wicked plan for the future had no place for Lanad in it. It is said that the governor sent twenty men for Lanad, and he killed 19. The last man they would find upon the ground outsides the couple’s rooms, body broken by the fall after Lanad took them out the window, but still breathing. The only sign of the adventurer was the faint trail of blood leading to the river.

For nine days thereafter the plan progressed magnificently, and the governor begin a miraculously recovery from his illness. Simultaneously his daughter quickly and unexpectedly developed a strong relationship with the young scion of the Beltan family, who were coincidentally quite prominent in the local politics. There was talk that the two had secretly been meeting for years and that would soon be married — such things were not uncommon in that part of Tevareth at the time — but Draest was a shy young man, and few could see how he would make a match for one such as Del. But indeed by the end of the month the two families met to discuss the terms of the engagement. The governor with his aide animatedly chatted with the other family while Del sat silent by the man she was supposed to marry. 
Oh what a fool was her father! To underestimate her spirit and resourcefulness, and uncanny ability to bring out the best in other. While the governor was confident in his warlock he had still placed constant watch on Del, in case the spell should fail, or Lanad should show his face again. Yet in the height of his celebration, she did not notice the small blade pass from the anxious young man to the adventurer. Del’s expression did not change, but inwardly she smiled and waited for the moment to play her part.

You see, this date was of significance not just to her father, but also to Del, as the time that had elapsed since Lanad’s disappearance was the same as would take a justiciar to travel from Tevareth. Just then, as the negotiations neared their end a knock came at the door. The governor motioned the guards to get rid of whoever was imposing, and at that moment Del, broke the stillness she had put on for so many days. One fluid motion took her from her seat across the room as she drew her blade across the warlocks neck, giving him the scar that would become his most distinguishing feature. Immediately, she felt the pressure lifted from her mind and she watched with some satisfaction as many expressions around the room turned from docility to confusion to anger.

He father took several seconds to react, so great was his surprised, before he called his guards to attack. This was met with the sound of splintering wood as Lanad’s hammer shattered the door. Much blood was shed in that room. Many of the guard choose to flee, but those most loyal to the governor fought fervently. Yet no man could stand before the coordinated assault of the two adventurers.
When all was said and done the governor cowered against the wall, the confused aristocrats looking on. Throughout the carnage, a lone figure had remained in the doorway surveying the scene, the Tevarin justiciar. She now entered the room.

“Cheon. You have abandoned your charge and your duty to the people of Tevareth. You have betrayed the people by your greed. I hereby strip you of your title. You will be taken to Tevareth to be judged by the council. Thus, do I declare, and thus shall be law.”

Subsequent to the governor’s deposition, Del had no wish for such a position and so in her stead was placed Draest Beltan, the young man who had defied his own interests for the sake of honor. The adventurers came before the people one last time, to say farewell and to explain to them change in governance. Then, they departed. Del never again returned to the city of her birth.

Del's homecoming

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